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Horizon Quantum Computing to become a node on Singapore’s National Quantum-Safe Network

(EurekaAlert) Horizon computing is the first start-up to host a node on Singapore’s quantum-safe network.
Horizon Quantum Computing has deep expertise in quantum internet applications. Its CEO, Dr Joe Fitzsimons, invented the first universal blind quantum computing protocol with Dr Anne Broadbent and Dr Elham Kashefi, back in 2008, allowing secure delegation of quantum computation in a cloud. The protocol has since emerged as an important use case of a future quantum internet because the first applications of quantum computing for businesses will likely rely on remote hardware hosted by the manufacturer. Fitzsimons’s work on blind quantum computing is cited in quantum internet proposals worldwide, including America’s Blueprint for the Quantum Internet.
The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between NUS and Horizon Quantum Computing will contribute to close collaboration between academia and industry for the quantum-safe communications network. The new National Quantum-Safe Network will deploy commercial quantum-safe technologies for trials with government agencies and private companies, conduct in-depth evaluation of security systems, and develop guidelines to support companies in adopting such technologies. Initial plans for the deployment are for 10 network nodes to be installed across Singapore. The nodes will be connected to provide a public network that can act as a living lab for organisations wanting to experience quantum-safe communication technologies, and separable government and private networks trialling dedicated users’ applications.
Horizon Quantum Computing will support proofs of concept and testbed activities for the development, exploration and translation efforts of this network. Moreover, the collaboration extends beyond quantum-safe communication and encompasses research collaboration opportunities in more general quantum communications and quantum internet applications.

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