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Horizon Quantum Computing addressing the ‘algorithm bottleneck’

(VulcanPost) Clement Ooi explains how Singapore startup Horizon Computing is addressing the ‘algorithm bottleneck’ by streamlining coding so regulars can also use quantum code.
Quantum Computing was founded by Dr. Joe Fitzsimons. He has been an academic for over a decade, working as a professor and researcher in multiple universities. In 2018, he saw that quantum computers had made significant progress, and yet, few were able to take advantage of this futuristic technology due to a lack of knowledge on quantum programming.
“What we’re trying to do is to bridge the gap between the user of the device and the device itself… We’re trying to take programmers that can program conventional computers and give them the tools that allow them to program quantum computers without having a steep learning curve,” said Joe, who also serve as CEO.
Fitzsimons wants to address what he calls the “algorithm bottleneck.”

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