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Honeywell’s Adamczyk Explains Company’s Decision to Build a Quantum Computer

(WralTechInfo) Darius Adamczyk, who became Honeywell’s CEO in 2017, spoke with The Associated Press about how the business is adjusting to the pandemic, diverting resources to build personal protective equipment and continuing a quest for a powerful quantum computer that works by trapping ions. The interview was edited by WralTech for length and clarity.
Adamczyk was asked how Honeywell got into building a quantum computer? He explained, “One of the bigger challenges in making a quantum computer work is the ability to really control the computer itself. The way we kind of came into this play is we’ve had the controls expertise, but we didn’t have so much trapped ion expertise.”
When asked Q: How does your approach differ from from what Google and IBM have been trying to do?
Adamczyk explained: They don’t know exactly technically what they’re doing. Some of these things are very proprietary and very secret. But we’re very confident in terms of the public announcements and what we’ve been able to learn from some of the publicly available information that we, in fact, have the most powerful quantum computer in the world. It’s going to get better and better by an order of magnitude every year.”

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