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Honeywell Working with JPMorgan Chase to Develop Algorithms That Can Be Applied to Both Quantum Computers Existing Systems

(RT.Insights) Honeywell has revealed it is working with JPMorgan Chase to develop algorithms that can be applied to both quantum computers and existing systems. In most cases, applications will wind up invoking quantum computers transparently so solve computational problems that require a level of scale that can’t be achieved using existing systems, says Uttley. Honeywell Ventures, the venture capital arm of Honeywell, has also made investments in two leading quantum software and algorithm providers Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) and Zapata Computing to further expand the pool of potential applications and use cases.
Longer term, Honeywell expects theorists who combine the skills of mathematics and physics to create innovative applications that run entirely on quantum computing systems.
It’s too early to say how pervasive quantum computing might become. It is, however, now just a matter of time before applications that previously would not have been even thought of because there was no way to even attempt building them start to emanate from research and development organizations. The challenge now, however, is finding ways to extend existing applications to take advantage of a new esoteric computing architecture that may prove one day to change utterly everything currently understood about how data is processed.

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