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Honeywell Says It Has the Fastest Quantum Computer on the Planet

(CNET) On Thursday, Honeywell said it boosted the performance of its quantum computer enough to best that of IBM’s by one closely watched measure. The achievement gives Honeywell’s machine the title of world’s fastest quantum computer, at least for the time being.
Honeywell’s quantum computer, dubbed H0, scored 64 on a measure known as quantum volume. That test gauges both the total count of a machine’s qubits — the fundamental elements that process data in a quantum computer — and how well the machine uses those qubits. The result bested the 32 IBM’s Raleigh machine scored in January.
As researchers add more qubits and learn to protect them from disturbances that derail calculations, expect quantum computers to become more powerful. Tasks they’re expected to do well at include optimizing financial portfolios, machine learning, and designing new materials like solar panels or batteries.

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