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Honeywell Just Quadrupled the Power of Its Honeywell’s H1 Quantum System

(ZD.Net) Honeywell’s quantum scientists have quadrupled the capabilities of the company’s quantum computer, with the device achieving record levels of performance less than a year after the first generation of the system was released.
The System Model H1, a ten-qubit quantum computer, effectively reached a quantum volume of 512 – four times as much as was attained in the previous tweak of the system, which saw the H1 reach a quantum volume of 128.
The new milestone, therefore, has prompted Honeywell’s president of quantum solutions Tony Uttley to describe the System Model H1 as “the highest performing quantum computing system in the world.”
Honeywell has made no secret of its strategy, which consists of focusing on qubit fidelity and connectedness, before attempting to scale up the number of qubits. “When you hear about fidelity and error, that’s about the quality of the quantum operation,” Uttley told ZDNet. “It’s about knowing how often you get the right answer when you run these quantum algorithms.”
Making these highly reliable systems available to Honeywell’s customers now enables businesses to test and trial with small-scale applications while waiting for the company to design and build new generations of more capable quantum computers, according to Uttley.
Honeywell recently introduced the first subscription-based plan for the usage of the H1, which grants paying customers a monthly access to the machine.

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