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Honeywell brings Quantinuum’s quantum-hardened security to its smart meters

Honeywell announced that it is integrating quantum-computing-hardened encryption keys from Quantinuum, a firm it owns more than half of, into its smart utility meters, making it the first smart meter manufacturer to leverage post-quantum cryptography in its products.

Honeywell will use Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin technology, which the company unveiled in late 2021, to improve cybersecurity in these products and help increase reliability and trust in the digitally transforming utilities sector, Honeywell said.

“By integrating Quantinuum’s quantum-computing-hardened encryption technology into our smart meters, we’re advancing data security for our customers and helping to shape the dialogue on how the utility industries should approach cybersecurity in the quantum era,” said Hamed Heyhat, President of Smart Energy and Thermal Solutions at Honeywell. “This integration underscores how continuous innovation enables customers to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape. It is a level of protection that is vitally important in our increasingly digital and interconnected world.”

“Robust cybersecurity requires a multifaceted approach, taking advantage of the latest technologies,” said Tony Uttley, President and COO of Quantinuum. “Our work with Honeywell demonstrates the importance of using the power of today’s quantum computers to create a more resilient cyber infrastructure to better protect customers.”

Honeywell’s Smart Energy and Thermal Solution products with Quantum Origin are available now to customers in North America and Europe, Honeywell said. 

Honeywell became the majority owner of Quantinuum in 2021 when Honeywell Quantum Solutions merged with Cambridge Quantum.

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