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HMS Prince of Wales trial-testing quantum technology to ensure ‘pinpoint accuracy’ during NATO exercise

By IQT News posted 15 Mar 2022

(HampshireLive) The HMS Prince of Wales has been fitted with the world’s first atomic clock of its kind to help ensure pinpoint accuracy wherever she goes.
Ahead of linking with other military forces in the Arctic, HMS Prince of Wales has been fitted with state-of-the-art quantum technology. The world’s first atomic clock of its kind – about the size of a typical laptop – provides a highly-accurate time signal which will allow the ship’s complex combat systems to synchronise should the more traditional GPS signal fail.
Time signals are crucial for warships and having precise information helps the ship’s company stay safe while at sea on operations. But relying on one system such as GPS can cause problems should it break or be unavailable so the introduction of quantum technology provides a reliable back-up.
The Royal Navy warship departed Portsmouth last week to take part in Exercise Cold Response.
The NATO exercise will reportedly involve 35,000 troops from 28 nations working together to test the task force’s ability to protect Norway from modern threats.

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