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Heidelberg University Researchers Construct Symmetries of Quantum Electrodynamics; Gain Insight for Implementing Future Quantum Technologies

By IQT News posted 01 May 2020

(Phys.org) Using ultracold atoms, researchers at Heidelberg University have experimentally constructed the symmetries of quantum electrodynamics. They hope to gain new insights for implementing future quantum technologies that can simulate complex physical phenomena.
The physicists seek to advance the efficient investigation of this complex physical theory. They recently experimentally realized one elementary building block. “We see the results of our research as a major step toward a platform built from a chain of properly connected building blocks for a large-scale implementation of quantum electrodynamics in ultracold atoms,” explains Prof. Jendrzejewski, who directs an Emmy Noether group at Heidelberg University’s Kirchhoff Institute for Physics.
According to the researchers, one possible application would be developing large-scale quantum devices to simulate complex physical phenomena that cannot be studied with particle accelerators. The elementary building block developed for this study could also benefit the investigation of problems in materials research.

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