Inside Quantum Technology

Harvard Quantum Initiative Launched Recently

(EurekaAlert) The Harvard Quantum Initiative (HQI) launched recently, demonstrating the university’s firm commitment to expanding research, development, and education in this pivotal area. Co-directors John Doyle, Evelyn Hu, and Mikhail Lukin aim to build a cross-sector, cross-disciplinary community at the dawn of a new era in science and engineering.
Future plans include hiring new faculty and developing a new curriculum spanning quantum science and engineering, with an eye to preparing future generations to push the frontiers of computing, communications, and sensing technology.
“The Harvard Quantum Initiative will support excellence on the ever-shifting frontiers of science and engineering,” said Larry Bacow, President of Harvard University. “The diversity of expertise among our faculty creates a nutrient-rich environment in which this emerging discipline can flourish, and I am excited to see the ways in which collaboration with other partners speeds progress.”

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