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Harry Buhrman, Director/Founder of QuSoft, Joins Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts & Sciences

( Quantum researcher Harry Buhrman joins the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). The KNAW is the most relevant Dutch society of top scientists. Together with seventeen other researchers, Buhrman will be installed as a new Academy member. Buhrman is affiliated with the CWI and the University of Amsterdam. He is also director and founder of research institute QuSoft, which focuses on the development of quantum software and applications of quantum computers and quantum networks.
Buhrman receives the KNAW membership for his exceptional scientific achievements. His research focusses on the interface of computer science, mathematics and physics. The common thread in his career is the understanding of the computing power and possibilities of computers and communication networks. Buhrman achieves this by designing new algorithms and communication protocols, and by developing techniques that demonstrate their optimality. He gained international fame for his work on quantum communication and quantum lower bounds.

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