Inside Quantum Technology

Governments & Technology Firms Working to Bring Quantum Computing Mainstream this Decade

(SafeHaven) The U.S., United Kingdom, European Union and China have each promised more than $1 billion of investment in quantum computing and related technologies. As for the U.S., it’s a crucial moment for America’s national security, which depends on winning the race to do what quantum computers will do best: decrypt the vast majority of existing public-key encryption systems. Last year, U.S. Congress adopted a bill aimed at accelerating the development of quantum computing.
Many equate quantum computing for the space race of the 1950s. We’re not quite there yet, either, but perhaps that’s because the U.S. government initially dropped the ball and things are only now picking up in the hands of big tech:
–Google announced a breakthrough in October by using a quantum computer to complete a calculation in 200 seconds on a 53-qubit quantum computing chip;
–IBM fired up its biggest quantum computer, a model with 53 qubits;
–Intel announced a quantum computing controller chip called Horse Ridge designed to shrink and simplify the hardware needed to communicate with quantum processors that house qubits;
— Amazon entered the race and announced it would partner with three firms to offer online access to prototype quantum processors.

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