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Google’s Nevan Shared Concerns at CSIS About “. . As Yet Unknown Competitor Out of China to Beat Us in Race to Quantum Computing”

(AsiaTimes) Google’s edge in the race for quantum supremacy could be diminished by China. Google’s head of quantum computing, Hartmut Neven said at a recent Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) meeting in Washington, “We are indeed most worried from an as of yet unknown competitor out of China to beat us in the race to quantum computing machine because China, as a society, just has the ability to steer enormous resources in the directions that they deem strategically important. China’s massive investments in technology could place the United States at a major disadvantage in the race to dominate the field of building the fastest computers on the planet.
He adds, “They plan to have three different labs, and they will actually all be devoted to quantum information. That’s how critical they see this field.”

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