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Google Reportedly on Verge of Quantum Supremacy

By IQT News posted 22 Jul 2019

(TheNextWeb) Google is reportedly on the verge of demonstrating a quantum computer capable of quantum supremacy. Experts believe the Mountain View company could be mere months from achieving it.
Functional quantum computers currently exist as proof-of-concept from =IBM, D-Wave, Google, Microsoft, Rigetti. None of those versions can actually do anything that we can’t already do with a regular, old-fashioned computer yet.
Why is quantum supremacy important? Experts predict the advent of quantum supremacy – useful quantum computers – will herald revolutionary advances in nearly every scientific field. We’re talking breakthroughs in chemistry, astrophysics, medicine, security, communications and more. It may sound like a lot of hype, but these are the grounded predictions.
Neven’s Law is one reason for the current excitement about quantum supremacy on the horizon. Neven’s Law is currently more of an affectionate term for a rule coined by Google‘s Hartmut Neven. At the company’s Spring Quantum Symposium this May, Neven made the claim that quantum systems are increasing in performance at a doubly-exponential rate.
The Next Web author reached out to Dr. Jay Gambetta, IBM Fellow and Global Lead of Quantum Computing, Theory, Software, IBM Q, said this, “Supremacy isn’t something you shoot for. As has been proven, it’s a moving target, and something we’ll recognize once we’ve moved to bigger things – namely demonstrating a significant performance advantage over what classical computers can do, alone.”
Time will tell whether IBM or Google’s approach to quantum supremacy makes more sense.

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