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Google Announces Open-Source Library for Quantum Machine-Learning Applications

(TechExplore) Google announced Monday that it is making available an open-source library for quantum machine-learning applications.
TensorFlow Quantum, a free library of applications, is an add-on to the widely-used TensorFlow toolkit, which has helped to bring the world of machine learning to developers across the globe.
“We hope this framework provides the necessary tools for the quantum computing and machine learning research communities to explore models of both natural and artificial quantum systems, and ultimately discover new quantum algorithms which could potentially yield a quantum advantage,” a report posted by members of Google’s X unit on the AI Blog states.
there has been a lack of analytical tools that can help developers fully utilize the enormous inroads quantum analysis can provide when dealing with massive volumes of data. Google researchers’ TensorFlow Quantum is a major step towards broadening the reach of quantum computing to research communities. The project was undertaken by the Google AI Quantum team in conjunction with students of the University of Waterloo, Alphabet’s X and Volkswagen.

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