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Good Reasons Not to Doubt the Quantum Cloud

(PC-Tablet) Enterprises looking long-term for next-level quantum computing capabilities are migrating into the cloud for an array of benefits that legacy models have a hard time beating. Over 80 percent of global organisations are in the cloud in some way, shape or form.
One of the primary benefits that enterprise is anticipating from the cloud lies in the arena of quantum computing. Especially for those with data lakes to paddle through, the prospect of vastly faster sorting and extrapolation sounds like heaven. That said, quantum computing’s benefits can as easily be enjoyed by smaller concerns.
The “cloud” is fast becoming the “quantum cloud,” or rather quantum computing is presenting as the next level for cloud computing to manifest. There are essentially three current hopes around the quantum cloud, from business’ point of view:
1)The old and constant pursuit of business: greater productivity from enhanced internal efficiencies.
2) Business intelligence is anticipated to make a quantum leap of its own, too. Accelerated business intelligence is more than the prospect of staying ahead of the competition: it’s defining the landscape.
3) Third, quantum clouds are futuristic – only a minuscule percentage of businesses are aggressively investing in quantum cloud tech right now. However, they hope to glean an enviable competitive advantage and accelerated profitability by being the first in.
Cloud-based quantum computing is still a nascent technology, but current key industries investing with intent include the finance, security and manufacturing sectors.

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