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German Governments Invests €36-Million for Quantum Neuromorphic R&D at Jülich Forschungszentrum

(NextPlatform) Jülich Forschungszentrum, one of Germany’s foremost scientific research centers,will receive a €36-million infusion of government funding to advance quantum and neuromorphic computing technologies. One of the primary drivers for the research work into these two emerging technologies is based on their potential roles in the area of artificial intelligence.
The new funding for Jülich in this area looks to be directed toward more basic research. In this this case, the initial effort will be focused on developing a structural and functional mapping of the human brain, the idea being to provide the basis for a new neuromorphic architecture, as well as for expanding scientists’ understanding of brain function and pathologies. The quantum computing research work should yield benefits in the AI application space as well but is also expected to be applied to a more general category of problems in quantum mechanical entanglement. Long-term applications include encryption, computational chemistry, and supply chain logistics, to name just a few.

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