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Funding for Quantum Tech Boosted in Proposed White House Budget; Six Quantum Internet Nodes Planned

(TechCrunch) Quantum information science is an area that’s set for a windfall of government dollars under the proposed Trump administration budget. The National Science Foundation will receive $210 million for quantum research, while the Department of Energy will receive a $237 million boost and an additional carve out of $25 million for the Depart of Energy to begin development of a nationwide Quantum Internet.
Quantum computing, networking and sensing technologies are areas of incredible potential,” said Paul Dabbar, the under secretary for science at the Department of Energy.
Dabbar pointed to the work underway at the University of Chicago, where partners, including the Argonne National Laboratory, Fermi Laboratory and the university, have already launched a 52-mile quantum communication loop in Chicago. There are plans underway to create six quantum internet nodes in the Midwest and another node in Long Island near New York City to create a Northeastern quantum network hub.

White House to Propose Doubling of Spending on Quantum Information Sciences According to Sources

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