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Fujitsu Installs First On-Premise Quantum-Inspired Computing Digital Annealer at SMU

By IQT News posted 22 Oct 2019

(InsideHPC) Fujitsu has launched the Digital Platform Experimentation Project in Singapore. In cooperation with A*STAR and SMU, the Project marks the world’s 1st on-premises installation of the Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired Computing Digital Annealer.
The project also taps on the CoE’s research and development capabilities to implement Fujitsu technologies and accelerate the development of commercial applications using high performance optimization. This will further establish Fujitsu’s global quantum-inspired and artificial intelligence (AI) eco-system, with the SMU installation marking the first-in-the-world on-premises deployment of the Fujitsu Digital Annealer platform.
As the project progresses, Fujitsu, A*STAR, and SMU will work with key institutions and stakeholders in Singapore’s quantum computing community.
“We expect to see quantum-inspired computing exceed the limits of conventional computing in this modern age of digitalization,” said Dr Lim Keng Hui, Executive Director of IHPC. “Through our collaboration with Fujitsu and SMU, A*STAR will develop algorithms and methodologies for resource-efficient machine learning. This will reduce memory footprint, complexity and demonstrate real world use cases for industry applications. In the longer term, we aim to deploy these technologies to address complex challenges faced in experimental and computational science.”

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