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Fujitsu and Toyota Systems Optimize Large-Scale Supply Chain Logistics Using Quantum-Inspired Technology

(Fujitsu) Fujitsu Limited and Toyota Systems Corporation successfully demonstrated optimization of supply chain and logistics network operations essential to support automobile production in a joint trial leveraging Fujitsu’s Quantum-Inspired Digital Annealer computing solution.
The Digital Annealer solves complex combinatorial optimization problems at speeds not possible with current conventional computing technologies, and was used to rapidly calculate variables including the number of transport trucks, total mileage, and package sorting tasks, determining the most cost-effective approach for an automotive parts supply chain optimization problem with more than 3 million possible delivery routes to dozens of factories.
Ultimately, the trial revealed it was possible that within 30 minutes an optimal route was calculated that can potentially reduce logistics costs by approximately 2 to 5% by discovering effective, previously unidentified distribution routes, thereby improving loading efficiency and streamlining transportation related expenses.
In the future, Fujitsu and Toyota Systems will further verify and refine the solution with the aim of commercializing it for real-world supply chain and logistics operations.

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