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Four Steps to Prepare for the Cybersecurity Challenges Posed by Quantum Computing

(SecurityBoulevard) Avesta Hojjati, the Head of R&D at DigiCert, where he manages advanced development of cybersecurity products, is the author of this comprehensive discussion of cybersecurity now and in the approaching era of quantum computing.
Hojjati reminds readers that the threat that quantum computing poses to encryption has been looming for years. If your company hasn’t taken action as yet, there’s no time to waste. Determine your level of knowledge and preparedness and take strides to advance both. The more you can improve in both areas, the better off you’ll be when cybercriminals begin using quantum computers to crack previously difficult-to-crack cryptography.He proposes four steps to help organizations get ahead of the fast-approaching challenges.
1) Increase Your Crypto-agility
2) Identify the Right HSM (hardware security modules)
3) Embrace Always-On SSL
4) Test Your PQC Strategy
NOTE: The four steps are listed above, but each are discussed fully in the source article and worth the time to study and initiate implementation.

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