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Former Ambassador Urges India to Craft Strategy to Develop Critical Tech Such as Quantum Computing

(TimesOfIndia) India is taking note of China’s achievements in critical technologies such as quantum technology, according to author Yogesh Gupta, former Indian ambassador, because of “. . our adversarial strategic relationship”.
China’s army is trying to use advances in quantum radar and sensing to gain advantages in stealth technology. Its navy is trying to develop a quantum compass for its submarines which would not require satellite based navigation. In AI, China has progressed in facial and image recognition, manufacturing drones and robots.
The author believes progress in advanced technologies will be slowed down by a number of factors. The US has started denying access to leading Chinese companies in its market, imposed restraints on Chinese students studying robotics, aerospace, semiconductors and quantum computing in US universities, and is urging its allies and friends not to allow Chinese companies in their countries for national security reasons.
India’s political leadership, defense establishment, scientific and academic institutions, and industry are urged to work together and craft a suitable strategy to jointly develop select applications at an accelerated pace, to defend India’s critical interests. The closing caution to fellow Indians, “If we lag behind too much, it will lead to further erosion of India’s economic and military standing and marginalization of India’s position in the regional and global power matrix.”

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