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Five Ways Boards of Directors Must Make Informed Decisions about Cybersecurity Now & In Quantum Tech Future

By IQT News posted 22 Jan 2020

(Forbes) Boards of directors must be able to make informed decisions about cybersecurity in general as well as the risks quantum technologies will post. This article from the World Economic Forum discusses five things that board members must to to enhance future cybersecurity.
Here are five things that board members could do to enhance their company’s cybersecurity.
1. Learn about cyber risks: Board members don’t need to be experts in cybersecurity, but they do need to become more knowledgeable about cyber risk and that now includes the pre- and post-quantum futures
2. Don’t assume your industry is safe.
3. Include cybersecurity from the start. Quantum computing is moving from science fiction to reality faster than mobile telephony did. Quantum computing not only has the potential for enormous value creation in certain use cases, but it also has the potential to obliterate many of the established forms of practical cryptography currently used in business environments
4. Familiarize yourself with cyber ratings and assessments.
5. Embrace cooperation. Stanley McChrystal, former United States Army General and Senior Fellow of Yale’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, has said in reference to modern warfare, “to defeat a networked enemy we have to become a network ourselves”.

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