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Zurich Instruments’ Qubit Controller offering a full qubit control system in a single instrument

(ZurichInstruments) Zurich Instruments has launched the SHFQC, its qubit controller that can control, read out and perform fast feedback on up to 6 qubits.
The SHFQC supports control and readout frequencies up to 8.5 GHz without the need for mixer calibration, and provides a wide and clean instantaneous bandwidth of 1 GHz.the SHFQC Qubit Controller – the first full room-temperature control system for up to 6 superconducting qubits in a single instrument. The SHFQC enables researchers with few qubits to profit from unmatched control performance, stability and intuitive operation, while still being scalable to larger system sizes.
The SHFQC comes with 6 signal generator control channels and a single quantum analyzer readout channel, each of which can be controlled and triggered individually. Internal data and trigger distribution allow for fast feedback and a flexible and software-controlled reconfiguration of the qubit control system. The control channels can be programmed to generate complex gate sequences using efficient pulse-level sequencing in their arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs). The readout channel analyzes up to 16 qubits, 8 qutrits, or 5 ququads in real time – time-staggered or in parallel. Thanks to the matched complex filters and tight integration with the control channels, both signal-to-noise ratio and readout latency can be optimized. Turnkey features such as fast acquisition of a resonator spectrum, and a high level of integration through LabOne, the LabOne QCCS Software, or the APIs and drivers for Python simplify and accelerate system characterization and tune-up as well as algorithm execution.
The SHFQC integrates seamlessly into any new or existing Zurich Instruments Quantum Computing Control System and adds fast local feedback to existing error correction capabilities. Thus, a single SHFQC helps reduce the complexity of small qubit setups while also scaling up to systems of 100 qubits and beyond.

Key Features

Join us on 3 March 2022 to learn more about the SHFQC and its capabilities.
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