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First ‘Commercial Grade’ Quantum Network for Testing Important for Protecting UK from Cyberthreats

(ChronLine) The UK has opened “world’s first commercial-grade quantum network” for testing. The secure network will test quantum key distribution (QKD).
The 125-km optical fibre link is part of the UK Quantum Network (UKQN) project; a collaboration between research and industry supported by the UK’s National Quantum Technologies Programme. The new network runs from telecommunications giant’s BT’s Adastral Park research campus near Ipswich, to Cambridge. The network was built by the core partners of the Quantum Communications Hub – BT, and the universities of Cambridge and York. Support for the development was provided by ID Quantique and ADVA,
BT said in a release: “The new high-speed link will enable testing and demonstration of new quantum technologies. This will include trials of how these technologies can be used to secure critical and sensitive data across vertical industry sectors such as healthcare, banking, defence and logistics.”
Chris Skidmore, Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation, said: “The first ever commercial grade, quantum network link between Suffolk and Cambridge is an important step in protecting the UK from cyber threats.

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