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Fermilab Helps to Develop ‘Quantum Computing As a High School Module’ in Effort to Help Develop Quantum Fluent Workforce

By IQT News posted 04 May 2020

(LiveScience) Researchers at Fermilab,a particle physics laboratory, have worked with high-school teachers to develop a program called “Quantum Computing as a High School Module.” Click here to review the module.
This online training course introduces students to quantum concepts, including superposition, qubits, encryption, and many others. These additional concepts include quantum measurement, entanglement and teleportation; students will also learn and how to use quantum computers to prevent hacking. The course is also appropriate for community college or undergraduate students in areas outside of physics, such as computer science, engineering or mathematics, as well as a science literate public. One of the course’s teachers, Ranbel Sun wrote, “It was great to work with a couple of America’s smartest researchers to make sure that the science was right. Combining their knowledge and our teaching experience, we have developed an understandable learning program which bridges the gap between popular media and college textbooks.”
Quantum computing has the potential to overturn how computers securely communicate: from health care, to financial services and online security. Like it or not, the future is quantum computing. To fully reap the rewards of this quantum revolution requires a quantum fluent workforce. This new program is a very helpful step towards that goal.

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