Inside Quantum Technology

Federal Efforts Underway in Quantum Computing

(NextGov) Quantum computing promises to fast-forward federal problem-solving into new levels of efficiency and productivity. The federal government has expressed interest in the technology with a number of efforts underway.
–In June 2018, the White House announced that the Office of Science and Technology Policy will launch a quantum information science subcommittee within the National Science and Technology Council to encourage these initiatives throughout the government.
–In July, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency asked the private sector and academic technology communities to provide input on the possible impact of quantum computing in areas of interest such as artificial intelligence/machine learning, physical systems and data.
–In August, the National Science Foundation awarded $15 million over five years to fund what’s called the Software-Tailored Architecture for Quantum co-design project, with the goal of creating a “practical quantum computer” that would answer today’s “unsolvable” research questions.

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