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Experts Answer ‘What is Quantum Computing?’ in 280 Characters or Less

(NYTimes) Cade Metz, who covers emerging technologies for the New York Times, begin by pointing out that Google’s founders stepping down is the end of an era. He asks, “What does the future hold for Google now that its founders have stepped down?”
Metz pointed out that Google’s founders stepped down soon after their researchers announced “quantum supremacy”.
Metz then continues to explain was one of the most interesting — and perhaps one of the most important — technological developments of the year. He asked several top experts to describe a quantum computer in terms anyone can understand. And because attention spans are short these days, he asked them to pack their explanation into 280 characters, or the length of a tweet. These include experts from Google Research, IBM Research, UCDavis, Hebrew University, Microsoft, D-Wave, UTexas.Austin and are all worth a read.

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