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EU’s ‘2030 Digital Compass’ Plan Includes Target to Develop Bloc’s First Quantum Computer in 5 Years

(Engineering&Technology) The EU’s ’2030 Digital Compass’ plan – presented this week by the European Commission – lays out the bloc’s ambitions to advance its digital technology sectors.
The plan also includes a target to develop its first quantum computer (complexity not specified) in five years. It acknowledged the importance of quantum technologies in research, such as the development of new therapeutics and to accelerate genome sequencing.
“It is our proposed level of ambition that by 2025, Europe will have the first computer with quantum acceleration paving the way for Europe to be at the cutting edge of quantum capabilities by 2030,” the document stated.
The ’2030 Digital Compass’ goals have a target date of 2030. It is understood that the documents do not contain the finer details of how these targets will be reached. A monitoring system will be set up to measure progress towards these targets and an annual report will be published to share this progress.
The plan will require approval from all EU member states and the European Parliament.

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