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Europe’s Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC)Will Assist Business Pioneers Integrating Quantum with Business Plans & Products

(Forbes) An eclectic group of experts in Europe just launched a quantum industry network.
“Quantum technologies takes the faster, better innovation race of the past 75 years to another innovation level,” said Laure Le Bars, research project director at SAP.
Le Bars was recently appointed president of the European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC), a non-profit organization dedicated to explore quantum innovation for the region and by extension, worldwide. Founded to serve as a collaborative network of networks, QuIC’s members come from companies of all sizes and industries, including small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and venture capitalists, academia, research, government, and industrial associations.
As a co-founding member of QuIC, SAP’s strategy is aligned with the association’s commitment to business networks for fair and equitable innovation that helps organizations become intelligent enterprises.
Two-thirds of the organization’s current members are SMBs and startups. The QuIC ecosystem was designed to attract SMBs, giving them entrée to the latest technologies and a strong market voice. Research shows that startups (40%) and universities (33%) comprise the majority of players involved with quantum computing.
QuIC is also collaborating with the European Commission as part of that organization’s commitment to regional quantum technology progress. Dr. Gustav Kalbe, head of the high performance computing and quantum technologies unit at the European Commission. “QuIC helps us understand what support the industry needs, allowing us to develop EU policies that facilitate market entry and opportunity materialization.”
QuIC has designated working groups to build strategic industry roadmaps, identify gaps in the quantum technology sector, and explore applications and use cases. Some groups will explore pre-standardization and IP-related issues that typify new industries.
The good news for business leaders is that you won’t have to be quantum physicist to use these technologies as they emerge. “Pioneers are asking questions about how to integrate quantum with their products and business plans,” said Dr. Kalbe. “

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