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European Quantum Industry Consortium Appoints Dr. Thierry Botter as First Executive Director

( The European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) announced the appointment of Dr Thierry Botter as its first Executive Director effective as of August 1, 2021.
Botter joins the consortium from Airbus where he was deputy-head of central research and technology, Airbus cross-divisional research organisation, and head of Airbus Blue Sky, a research team dedicated to pioneering new and emerging technologies. He co-led the Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge, a global quantum-computing challenge designed to spearhead a quantum era in the aerospace sector.
“Dr. Thierry Botter has extensive experience in the quantum technology industry and research field”, said Laure Le Bars, president of the European Quantum Industry Consortium and research project director at SAP. “His strong connections throughout the global quantum ecosystem including the vibrant venture capital space and relationships with promising startups will help our mission to foster the common interests of the European quantum industry. We believe Dr Botter will play a pivotal role in shaping Europe’s global ambitions in quantum technologies.”
Over the past decade, Europe has hosted more than half of the world’s academic research groups in quantum technologies. Today, the region is home to several hundred companies and applied research organisations developing and deploying a wide range of technologies in quantum computing and simulation, quantum metrology and sensing, and quantum communications.

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