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Europe ready to unveil sovereign broadband constellation plan that will also include quantum encryption

(SpaceNews) The European Commission will unveil the architecture for its proposed satellite broadband constellation “in a few weeks,” the European Union commissioner in charge of space policy said Jan. 25.
Thierry Breton told the 14th European Space Conference in Brussels that he will also present a legislative proposal for the project in the coming weeks, which would enable Europe to start searching for partners to create the sovereign multi-orbit network.
Breton said the network aims to “provide high-speed internet access for all Europeans” but will “also provide Africa with the necessary connectivity, offering a European alternative” to other satellite networks.
Europe’s multi-orbit constellation plans will also leverage quantum encryption to secure the network.
“The other regions of the world are initiating it; Europe cannot lag behind on this technological dimension, which will condition the cybersecurity of tomorrow,” Breton said.
Europe awarded an Airbus-led group a 15-month contract in May 2021 to study a quantum technology-powered network for Europe called EuroQCI.
Airbus is also part of the industry consortium of European satellite makers, operators, service and launch providers that has been helping devise space-based connectivity infrastructure for the E.U. The other members are Arianespace, Eutelsat, Hispasat, OHB, Orange, SES, Telespazio and Thales Alenia Space.

Quantum Internet Alliance, the Quantum Flagship (Europe) and the EU are now additional producers of IQT The Hague (February 21-23, 2033) along with 3DR Holdings and QuTech

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