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EU to Build its Quantum Communications Infrastructure

By IQT News posted 30 Jul 2021

(Econostrom) The EuroQCI (European Quantum Communication Infrastructure), the initiative aims to “enhance existing communication infrastructures by adding a level of security based on the principles of quantum mechanics. In particular, the infrastructure will provide services based on quantum key distribution, a highly secure form of encryption,” says a European Commission statement. By connecting quantum computers, simulators and sensors via quantum networks, it will become essential to the EU’s cyber security needs. This includes protection against cyber threats, hacking of smart energy grids, air traffic control, banks, healthcare facilities. But it will also ensure that data centres can store and exchange information securely.
Ireland’s latest initialling of a political declaration on Wednesday 28 July 2021 brings the European project a step closer to establishing a secure satellite-based connectivity system to make broadband available throughout the EU.
As we have seen recently, cybersecurity is, more than ever, at the heart of our digital sovereignty. I am delighted that all Member States are now part of the EuroQCI project: this key element of our future secure connectivity initiative will ensure that all European citizens have access to secure and reliable communication services,” said Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton.

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