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EU Stakeholders Launch Program to Ramp Up Quantum Processor Production

(AllAboutCircuits) After forming a consortium in December, EU stakeholders have launched an effort to supercharge quantum processor production.
The Quantum Large-Scale Integration with Silicon (QLSI) project and the German Quantum Computer based on Superconducting Qubits (GeQCoS) project are targeting manufacturing and design to make quantum computing possible on a larger scale.
The QLSI project is part of the EU’s FET Flagships program, emphasizing advancements in science and technology on a large scale. Any advancements in quantum integration, large or small, should have positive innovative, economic, and societal impacts.
The QLSI project’s proposition is simple: why not leverage existing manufacturing processes and resources to make quantum chips? This technique was used in the MOS-QUITO project, which took advantage of a 300-millimeter CMOS fabrication line when creating silicon-spin qubits.
Despite project MOS-QUITO’s innovations, the project coordinator Silvano De Franceschi remarked that improved fabrication processes were needed to make inroads. Fabrication issues and equipment hiccups caused some delays.

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