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ETH Zurich Launches Silq–A High-Level Quantum Computing Language

( Computer scientists from the federal technology institute ETH Zurich have designed Silq, the first easy-to-use programming language for quantum computers.
Silq can describe complex tasks and algorithms with less code. This makes it possible to program quantum computers as simply, reliably and safely as classical computer languages, according to a statement from ETH Zurich.
“Our quantum programming language Silq allows programmers to utilise the potential of quantum computers better than with existing languages, because the code is more compact, faster, more intuitive and easier to understand for programmers,” said Martin Vechev, a computer science professor in ETH’s Secure, Reliable and Intelligent Systems Lab.
Silq helps address the source of errors that has plagued quantum programming, which is the ability to erase temporary values created by the computer. Silq automatically identifies and erases values that are no longer needed.
There are still many open questions, says Vechev. “Silq is a major breakthrough in terms of optimising the programming of quantum computers; it is not the final phase of development.”

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