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Estonia Joins EU Cooperation Framework on Quantum Communication

By IQT News posted 29 Sep 2020

(ERR.ee) Estonia’s Minister of Foreign Trade and IT Raul Siem (EKRE) signed the European Union’s declaration on cooperation framework on quantum communication infrastructure, agreeing to explore how to develop and deploy a highly secure data exchange infrastructure with other EU member states.
The aim of the declaration is to explore with other EU member states over the next 12 months, how to develop and deploy a quantum communication infrastructure (QCI) across the EU within the next ten years. This infrastructure would enable information and data to be transmitted and stored ultra-securely, and link communication assets all over the EU.
The framework integrates quantum technologies and systems into conventional communication infrastructures, and consists of two elements: an earth-based component making use of existing fibre communication networks linking strategic sites at national and cross-border level, and a space-based component to cover long distances across the EU and other continents.
“Estonian cyber sector companies and academic institutions have also shown interest in this, for which it may open up funding and cooperation opportunities in the future,” Siem added.

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