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Establishing a Women Inclusive Future in Quantum Computing

(AnalyticsInsight) The modern era of technology has changed the world upside down. The emerging trends are slowly placing women equally to men at all positions in the tech radar. Author Adilin Beatrice calls for quantum computing to become inclusive toward women. The writes that the worst case is that most of us don’t notice the discrimination quantum computing is bringing into the tech sector.
Beatrice says that the exclusion starts early on in careers in sciences. Physics, computer science and engineering are the basement of quantum computing. Only 20% of these degree recipients are identified as women for the last decade. Even women who survive the lone time at universities face an existential crisis on daily life as a person involved in quantum initiatives. They are often dismissed by their male peers. A research conducted by a group of five female scientists has concluded that women who receive an A grade in a physics course have the same self-efficacy about their own performance as men who earn a C grade. The research further unravels that women have a lower sense of belonging and they feel less recognized by their physics instructors as people who can excel in physics.
However, the world can still build an inclusive future for women by taking certain initiatives. Primarily, women need to be recognized in the science and engineering disciplines. Insufficient encouragement in the education level is a threat to women willingness. Instructors and research advisors should cheer female students to perform better and give them more opportunities. Organizations should also develop a culture that treats women and their ideas equally to their male counterparts.

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