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Entropica Labs Aims to Make Quantum Computers Commercial

( Quantum technology startup Entropica Labs aims to be one of the firms to pioneer in bringing that tech to Singapore. The Singapore-based startup builds algorithms, software tools, methods and models to make quantum computers useful.
“In the last [few] years, huge corporations and startups alike have created cloud infrastructures for users to connect and utilise small-scale quantum processors. A fast-growing hardware ecosystem calls for the parallel and complementary growth of a software and applications landscape, a process highly reminiscent of what happened in classical computing after the 50s. This is the part of the story where Entropica enters the scene,” said Tommaso Demarie, co-founder and CEO at Entropica Labs.
Demarie shares that they are following three avenues on this area: first is applied research, where they investigate and develop algorithms and techniques on the quantum hardware we can access today; second, is around problem-solving, supporting enterprise partners to become quantum-aware and help clients map problems to diverse quantum computing frameworks; lastly is on preparing to create novel software tools and methods for quantum computers that can be utilised commercially.

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