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Enterprise Needs to Address Security Implications of Quantum Technology

By IQT News posted 10 Jun 2020

(SecurityMagazine) Enterprise security professionals should develop a case for action that justifies the need to begin assessing the risks, implications and potential funding needed and time required to address the rapid evolution of quantum technology.
Taking place in parallel, enterprise security should take a continuing education program that explains, at a high-level, the use and application of quantum technology as it relates to security within their organization.
Last, enterprise security should begin to evaluate the accuracy of their enterprise’s data asset and communications inventories and determine what they need to defend against quantum computing capabilities. They should prioritize these inventories and begin to implement quantum encryption now and over the next few years.
Organizations and professionals believe that a number of cyberattacks are currently taking place to collect encrypted data and communications, so that when quantum computers have enough power, they can decrypt valuable and sensitive data and communications.
Quantum key encryption is currently available. There are a few vendors that offer quantum encryption applications for stored data and for communications. Using quantum encryption substantially reduces the projected risks of quantum computers and much more, both now and in the next few years.

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