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Elyah Releases Online Circuit Tool to Program Quantum Computers

(FinanceYahoo) Elyah has recently released its online circuit tool to program quantum computers. It comes built-in with an incredibly fast in-browser simulator, and a few more perks, like having the option to print your circuits.
Elyah’s Qubit Workbench tools, offers users one of the best experiences to learn and get a head start in a nascent and growing field. It is the first circuit tool in the world to allow users to build programs upwards of 100 qubits in one workspace. Prospective software engineers and enthusiasts are able to build their intuition about quantum programming and familiarize themselves with the gate-level logic required to become better at writing software for these computers. The tool is aimed for everyday users wanting to learn quantum programming as well as educators.
Workbench is available for individuals or enterprise customers. Companies looking to build their own software have the additional option of licensing out Elyah’s quantum simulator to save on time.
Elyah was founded in 2018 just a year before Google’s quantum supremacy claim. The company has focused its efforts in providing the best quality tools for end users to jump into quantum computing. The challenge with the industry at the moment is figuring what the early use cases of quantum computers would be. Elyah has focused its efforts into building simple software solutions for future fault tolerant machines with a focus on search and optimization.

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