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Dutch Startup Quantware Launches World’s First Commercially Available Superconducting Quantum Processors; Raises €1.15M

(SiliconCanals) Dutch startup QuantWare has launched the world’s first commercially available superconducting processor for quantum computers (QPU).
This move from a Delft-based startup comes to accelerate the quantum computing revolution. It’s worth mentioning that it is the first time superconducting quantum processors have been available ‘off the shelf.
QuantWare has raised €1.15M funding in a pre-seed round from, UniiQ, Quantum Delta NL, Rabo Innovatie Lening (RIL), and Angel investors.
The company is planning to use the funding to expand its team and upgrade its processors towards higher qubit numbers. The company is already looking for new operational facilities, as they expect to outgrow their current building within months.
“Superconducting is the leading and most mature approach to quantum processors – Google achieved “quantum supremacy” in 2019 using superconducting QPUs. While other QPUs are already available “off the shelf”, this is the first time a superconducting QPU has been easily available in the productised form, levelling the playing field for quantum experimentation,” says the company in the press release.
The company’s proprietary product, Soprano, is a 5-qubit QPU. According to the Dutch company, the fidelities of each qubit will be 99.9 per cent, which should keep the error rate manageable.

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