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Dutch Startup QphoX Raises €2M to Connect Quantum Computers with a Quantum Modem

(Finance.Yahoo) Dutch startup QphoX has raised €2 million to connect quantum computers with a “quantum modem”.
The funding round was led by Quantonation, Speedinvest and High-Tech Gründerfonds, with participation from TU Delft.
QphoX aims to develop into a commercial product the quantum modem it created at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). This networks separate processors together, allowing quantum computers to scale beyond tens or hundreds of qubits.
Simon Gröblacher, CEO and co-founder of QphoX, said, “It is the exact same thing as a classical modem except for quantum computers, so it kind of converts electrical and microwave signals to optical signals coherently, so you don’t do any of the quantum information in the process. It then converts it back so you can really have two quantum computers talk to one another.”
“We are in principle agnostic to what kind of quantum computer it is. All we do at the moment is we focus on the microwave part, so we can work with superconducting qubits, topological qubits etc. We can convert microwaves to optical signals and they can talk to each other. Currently, the only competitors I know are all the in the academic world. So this is we’re the first company to actually starts building a real product,” Groblacher continued.

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