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Dr. Stacey Jeffery Receives NWO Klein Grant to Optimize Quantum Computing Algorithms

(QuSoft) Stacey Jeffery, QuSoft-researcher at CWI, received funding from the Dutch Research Council for a project titled Quantum time-space tradeoff lower bounds. In this project she will investigate ways to optimize algorithms that can be used on Quantum Computers.
There are many known algorithms that allow quantum computers to solve specific problems. Many of the fastest algorithms, requiring the least time, unfortunately require the largest amount of “memory” in the quantum computer, while algorithms that require little memory are typically very slow. In this research, Stacey will investigate whether or not algorithms can be both optimized for memory usage as well as speed of computation, or whether or not some compromise is always necessary. She will develop new methodologies to gain insight into the interaction between time and memory that a quantum computer needs to solve computational problems.
Dr. Stacey Jeffery joined QuSoft in 2017 as a senior researcher with CWI, working in the Algorithms and Complexity group. Her research interests are in quantum cryptography and quantum algorithms, working on topics such as secure delegation of quantum computation, frameworks for facilitating the design of quantum algorithms and models of quantum computation.

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