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Dr. Alireza Najafi-Yazdi, Founder and CEO, Anyon Systems has agreed to keynote “Quantum Computing in Transportation, Logistic and Utilities” at IQT-San Diego Quantum Enterprise May 12 at 3 pm

(IQT-SanDiego) Alireza Najafi-Yazdi, Founder and CEO, Anyon Systems has agreed to Keynote May 12 for Topic 3: Quantum Computing in Transportation, Logistic and Utilities at IQT-San Diego Quantum Enterprise.
This final session of the conference hosts end-user panelists across a wide spectrum of industries with a special focus on those where quantum technology is being deployed by large pioneer companies.
Dr. Yazdi will aslo speak on Panel 1: Quantum Processor Executive Roundtable
Dr. Alireza Yazdi is the founder and CEO of Anyon Systems, a leading quantum computing hardware company based in Montreal, Canada. Alireza has over 15 years of experience in massively parallel computing, computational fluid dynamics, and quantum computing. Alireza is also an adjunct professor of Engineering at McGill University, where he supervises doctoral students working on quantum computing. Prior to founding Anyon, Alireza was a postdoctoral research fellow at McGill University, and RWTH Aachen.

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Inside Quantum Technology San Diego is the first international conference devoted entirely to the QUANTUM ENTERPRISE.   Inside Quantum Technology San Diego is a hybrid event (in-person, online and on demand) taking place May 10-12 at the San Diego Convention Center. This will be the foremost gathering of business leaders, product developers, IT executives, marketing strategists, academics and government officials focused on the QUANTUM ENTERPRISE. Included for the first time is the Quantum Startup Zone featuring pitches from organizations worldwide. Over 1000 attendees (in-person and online) and over 30 exhibitors will make IQT San Diego an exciting learning, networking and business experience.

Sandra K. Helsel, Ph.D. has been researching and reporting on frontier technologies since 1990.  She has her Ph.D. from the University of Arizona.

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