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Doug Finke, Consulting Analyst & Managing Editor, Inside Quantum Technology & Quantum Computing Report; Has Agreed to Moderate “The Evolution of Operating Systems for Quantum Computers” on Oct 28

(IQT.Europe)Doug Finke, Consulting Analyst & Managing Editor, Inside Quantum Technology & Quantum Computing Report; has agreed to moderate the panel: The Evolution of Operating Systems for Quantum Computers on Wednesday, October 28 at 8:15 A.M. EDT.
Doug Finke is a Consulting Analyst to Inside Quantum Technology. He is also the founder of the Quantum Computing Report where he applies his wide breadth of experience to help accelerate the deployment of quantum computing. Doug has been involved in the computer, semiconductor, and storage industry for over 30 years and has helped drive the growth of many new technologies during this period. Doug believes that many of the new technology growth patterns he has seen within the computer industry will reoccur as the quantum technology field evolves. Doug has served as the Chief Operating Officer of the startup company, IntelliSense, where he helped sell the company at a valuation of $750 million. As Vice-President of Marketing and Business Development at the semiconductor startup ChipWrights, Doug also helped raise $25 million in venture capital funding. Other important firms for whom Doug has worked include Intel, IBM, Standard Microsystems, and HGST/Western Digital. Doug holds degrees in computer engineering and management from the University of Illinois and MIT respectively.

Evolution of operating systems for quantum Computers
Moderator: Doug Finke
Speaker 1: Bettina Heim — Senior Software Engineering Manager, Microsoft
Speaker 2: Damien Nguyen — Physicist and Software Engineer/Researcher, Huawei, ProjectQ
Speaker 3: Iordanis Kerenidis — Head of Quantum Algorithms International, QC Ware

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