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DOE Ups Quantum Investments; More Than $80 Million in Awards Announced Last Week Alone

(FedScoop) The US Department of Energy continues to funnel money into projects for information science and physics at the quantum level, announcing more than $80 million last week alone.
The department touted a $60.7 million allocation for computing and networking technology Thursday, following an announcement Monday for $21.4 million in quantum information science (QIS) research.
Of the latest amount, $47 million is for three five-year projects to create algorithms and a suite of traditional software tools and techniques — such as programming languages and debuggers — specifically for quantum computers.
The other $13.7 million is for five, four-year projects developing wide-area quantum networks, using existing fiber-optic connections, that will boost the range of communications. New technology known as quantum repeaters will be needed to extend current networks’ limited range.
The Trump administration has made quantum computing one of its priorities in science and research.

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