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DigiCert Surveys 400 Enterprises on PQC Awareness, Preparation and Budget

(HelpNetSecurity) Avesta Hojjati, Head of R&D at DigiCert, talks about the security implications of post quantum computing (PQC) in the transcript of a recorded podcast.
DigiCert surveyed 400 enterprises of 1000 or more employees in the United States, Germany and Japan, and a number of questions where specifically asked in regard to the threat that quantum computers are going to cause or are currently causing.
A number of questions were asked, and it was quite interesting to see the results from the survey. For example, there was a broad awareness of post quantum crypto. 71% of organizations who were part of the survey were actually responding back that they are aware of the threats that quantum computers are causing.
Sixty percent of the organizations chose the correct description of what PQC actually was. This is more than 50%, so it’s quite intriguing to see that they actually had some type of understanding of what post quantum crypto is and how it could apply to their environment.
Fifty-nine percent say that they currently deploying PQC certificates in a hybrid model. That means post quantum crypto in conjunction with RSA or ECC.
The number one finding from the survey says monitoring. Knowing your environment is definitely one of the most important approaches that you’re able to take as of right now.

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