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DigiCert Survey Finds 71% of Global Organizations See Quantum Processing Power as a Material Security Threat

(SecurityBoulevard) The mainstreaming of quantum processing power will profoundly exacerbate cybersecurity exposures. There’s widespread recognition in corporate circles that the planning to address fresh cyber risks associated with quantum computing should have commenced long ago.
A survey of 400 large organizations across critical infrastructure industries in the U.S., Germany and Japan sponsored by DigiCert, Inc., found 71 percent of global organizations already see the emergence of quantum processing power as a material security threat.

DigiCert in Midst of Effort to Replace Classical Cryptography with Post-Quantum Cryptography
A major public-private effort is underway to revamp classical cryptography, and ultimately replace it with something called post-quantum-cryptography, or PQC. DigiCert happens to be in the thick of this effort. This article includes an interview with Tim Hollebeek, DigiCert’s industry and standards technical strategist. “I’m impressed that people understand the urgency of this issue,” Hollebeck told me. “Organizations seem to understand that they simply cannot afford to delay any necessary security improvements. It’s just not optional. Everyone needs to get started. Things will go very badly for anyone who ignores this issue.”

DigiCert Surveys 400 Enterprises on PQC Awareness, Preparation and Budget

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