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DigiCert Calls for Future Proofing Now Against Quantum-Computing Era

(TheHinduBusinessOnline) Security concerns continue to mount as IoT devices proliferate, to grow to 25 billion devices by 2020. DigiCert’s Senior Vice President Ray Garnie says, “It is not far off. By 2020 we will have 25 billion IoT devices and imagine the challenge of ensuring security. With quantum computing, it will open up more challenges.”
Garnie explained that DigiCert is working on addressing the challenges of providing security for the future cryptography. DigiCert is working with Microsoft, Isara and others to secure encrypted communications against the coming threats. The effort is future proofing against post quantum-computing era. “With present day security provided through RSA and ECC, if it takes, say about 100 years to breakthrough, with quantum computing it would be possible to break in minutes, possibly seconds,” he explained.
Garnie made his remarks in India where he pointed out, “Internet adoption has grown rapidly and India is next to China.” Regarding India, he said “Our priority is to continue to support our partners, in turn their customers making end users aware of the importance of online security and certification.

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