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Deutsche Telekom Partnering with OPENQKD (Open European Quantum Key Distribution) Consortium

(TotalTelecom) Deutsche Telekom (DT) has partnered with the OPENQKD (Open European Quantum Key Distribution) consortium to help research quantum key distribution (QKD) technologies, with a particular focus on developing quantum-safe data transmission.
The German telco is helping to develop a test-bed in Berlin, where researchers are making use of DT’s 100km fibre optic network to explore the limits of this new technology, as well as exploring telco-specific applications, like encrypting 5G connections.
Quantum technology is still in its infancy with very few practical applications, but it has the potential to be revolutionary for a whole host of industries, not least computing, where quantum computers are expected to solve complex equations in seconds, which would take conventional computers hundreds of years.
The consortium is currently testing QKD tech at 16 locations, including four major environments in Vienna, Poznan, Madrid and Berlin.

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